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June 8, 2000


      GALLAGHER - A daughter, Adeline Rose, to John and Lynn (Shink) Gallagher of Traverse City, May 15.
      RUCKI - A son, Thomas, to Mike Rucki and Dawn Richey of Interlochen, May 15.
      MARTIN - A son, Jordan Michael to Michael and Michelle (Chouinard) Martin of Traverse City, May 16.
      APPS - A son, Kaiden, to Ashlee Apps of Bear Lake, May 16.
      HUNT - A son, Eric, to Andrew and Michelle (Sayers) Hunt of Kingsley, May 16.
      KLUG - A son, Luke, to Mark and Karen (Peterson) Klug of Traverse City, May 16.
      LETT - A daughter, Kayla Bobby, to Adam and Jennifer (Bucher) Lett of Traverse City, May 16.
      LARACEY - A son, Michael, to Mark and Dawn (Fountain) Laracey of Traverse City, May 16.
      SHAPIRO - A daughter, Madison, to Howard and Erin (Switzer) Shapiro of Fife Lake, May 16.
      SNYDER - A daughter, Gwenhwyfar, to John and Jennifer (Newling) Snyder of Kingsley, May 16.
      TESTIN - A son, Steven, to Christopher Testin and Jessica Hilbold of Lake Ann, May 16.
      CAMPBELL - A daughter, Mackenzie, to David and Devon (Thompson) Campbell of Williamsburg, May 17.
      CLOUS - A daughter, Josie, to Jeremy and Tammy (Dart) Clous of Lake Ann, May 17.
      STARKEL - A daughter, Martha, to Peter and Lynda (Hayward) Starkel of Traverse City, May 17.
      WELLNER - A daughter, Keyonne Moné, to Doelinda B.K.A. April of Traverse City, May 17.
      SUSKI - A daughter, Hannah, to Christopher and Trisha (Cradduck) Suski of Traverse City, May 17.
      DANNER - A son, Dominic, to Michael Danner and Crystal Turner of Kalkaska, May 18.
      FROST - A son, Ryan James, to Casey Frost of Traverse City, May 18.
      HERSOM - A son, Devin Ferdinan, to William and Kathleen (Cuadros) Hersom of Alden, May 18.
      MANIER - A son, Riley, to Frank and Danyell (Thorton) Minier of Grawn, May 18.
      MAYO - A daughter, Mikala, to Claffee Mayo IV and Tracy (Puchovan) Mayo of Lake Ann, May 18.
      MCGUIRE - A daughter, Isabelle Rae, to Benjamin McGuire and Angela (Johnson) Johnson-McGuire of Traverse City, May 18.
      MARVIN - A son, James David, to James and Crystal (Campbell) Marvin of Rapid City, May 19.
      NAASKO - A daughter, Taelyn, to Jaclyn Naasko of Kalkaska, May 19.
      STERN - A daughter, Alexandra, to Scott and Kim (Phillips) Stern of Williamsburg, May 19.
      TABBERT - A son, Austyn, to Steven Tabbert and Sabrina Conger of Thompsonville, May 19.
      MARSHALL - A son, Klayton, to Joseph and Michelle (Thompson) Marshall of Manton, May 20.
      ANDERSON - A son, Jeffrey Dean, to Matthew and Amber (Burgess) Anderson of Suttons Bay, May 20.
      LOPEZ - A son, Nathan, to John Lopez and Deborah Zaliwski of Traverse City, May 21.
      MERILLAT - A son, Kevin, to Joseph and Bonnie (Gray) Merillat of Rapid City, May 21.
      GOODLET - A daughter, Baileigh Grace, to Garth and Wendi (Creech) Goodlet of Kingsely, May 22.
      GRAMS - A son, Bryan, to David Grams and Kristin (Sonnemann) Sonnemann-Grams of Traverse City, May 22.
      KING - A daughter, Remmi Lee, to Kevin and Jolie (Doty) King of Traverse City, May 22.
      PRALL - A daughter, Madeline, to William and Stephanie (Parker) Prall of Traverse City, May 22.
      BARBER - A son, Cole, to Christopher and Julie (LaChapelle) Barber of Traverse City, May 23.
      NORDEEN - A son, Cooper, to Marvin and Ann (Schantz) Nordeen of Traverse City, May 23.
      PUCKETT - A daughter, Abigail Elyse, to Timothy and Julie (Maltby) Puckett of Williamsburg, May 23.
      LARRANCE - A son, Asher, to Deven Larrance and Julia Riddle of Traverse City, May 23.
      MIHALOVICH - A daughter, McKenzy, to George and Heather (Rosa) Mihalovich of Interlochen, May 23.
      MYSLIWIEC - A daughter, Mackenzie Rae, to Denise Mysliwiec May 24.
      HOEKWATER - A son, Bryce, to Shannon Hoekwater of Manton, May 24.
      LAPOLT - A daughter, Kalysta, to Robert and Nicole (Trala) LaPolt of Traverse City, May 24.
      LEFFEW - A son, Luca, to Joshua and Heidi (Higley) Leffew of Bear Lake, May 24.
      MALLOW - A daughter, Allyson Anne-Whytney, to Scott Mallow and Jessica Baley of Interlochen, May 24.
      STOOPS - A son, Bowen James, to James Stoops and Brandy Gilbert of Arcadia, May 24.
      BINSFIELD - A son, Noah, to Roger and Amberlyn (Clark) Binsfield of Traverse City, May 25.
      BRONSON - A daughter, Jaylen, to Douglas Bronson III and Jill (Nelson) Bronson of Kaleva, May 25.
      COYLE - A son, Liam, to Michael and Jennifer Coyle of Traverse City, May 25.
      HEATH - A daughter, Paige, to Jerry and Kimberly (Tanner) Heath of Traverse City, May 25.
      HOLDEN - A daughter, Calista, to Rex and Jill (Thauvette) Holden of Traverse City, May 25.
      KLINGELSMITH - A daughter, Kelly Sue, to John and Laurie (Gray) Klingelsmith of Traverse City, May 25.
      MAHAN - A son, Preston, to Brian and Dawn (Lynch) Mahan of Lake Ann, May 25.
      ORDIWAY - A son, Christian, to David and Lisa (Watson) Ordiway of Interlochen, May 25.
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