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Letters to the Editor

Immune to prosecution?

I would like to know how MADD can give (Grand Traverse) Deputy (Justin) Revnell an award. What, just because he made 41 arrests makes it all right for him to drive drunk and beat up a woman? I guess wearing a badge in this county makes you immune to prosecution! I think that not only MADD, but also county officials should take a look at those wearing the badges — those who are responsible for protecting us all. MADD, as far as I can see, is nothing more then a bunch of hypocrites.

Brian Starback
Traverse City

What a guy!

It's amazing what you can learn by reading the Record-Eagle's editorial page! Take the editorial printed Thurs., Aug. 23. It's about one of the editorial writers' favorite people — Karl Rove (second only to Dick Cheney and George Bush).

From reading the news pages of the Record-Eagle I learned that the Vietnam veterans "swift boated” John Kerry. Now I learn Karl Rove did it. From the Record-Eagle's news section I learned that CIA agent Valerie Plame was "outed” by journalist Bob Novak. Now I learn that Karl Rove was responsible (what a guy!)

Next thing we know, Rove will show up in the Last Supper!

Phyllis Kidd
Traverse City

Impeachment mandatory

Our Congress must not violate their oath of office! Impeachment of Mr. Gonzales is singularly mandatory for those sworn in high seriousness to obey their solemn duty to our Constitution ... as clearly described in this document is the process of impeachment for Mr. Gonzales ... and it avoids the danger of establishing the precedent that the president is a ruler, and not an executive of the will of the people!

We are very angry in Michigan about this, I kid you not.

Edward Tillitson
Traverse City

Editor's note: This letter was received before Gonzales resigned Monday.

Market is not for dogs

Please remind your readers that pets are not allowed at the downtown farmers market. I am there almost every week and without fail have to remind someone about it. Not only is it inconsiderate to other people who have to walk around the dog for fear of stepping on or bumping into it, it is cruel to the dog, who doesn't understand what is happening. The farmers market is not a place to show off your dog. Leave it at home.

Larry Allen

Nude camping experience

How nice it was to spend some time visiting Michigan's beaches and parks. They were very nice and I felt safe letting the children ride their bikes and play on the beaches. After leaving, we visited Spruce Hollow (American Association for Nude Recreation), a private club in Mesick. They were friendly and we had a good time playing water volleyball with others of all ages, hiking the trails and horse shoes. All this fun while enjoying the weather in the nude.

I wish Pat and Jan Bell all the best in health and progress with their club. The bath house and pool area are top notch. They have everything except travel trailer hook ups. It is nice to camp, but it could be a lot better with AC and running water. I'm not sure why (Wexford) county allows the permit for their naturist club, but does not allow them to finish updating their camping areas. Maybe the county officials should visit to look over their progress and see how important it is the have a full-service camping area. They won't bite.

Todd Donnella
Indianapolis, Ind.

Proud of city police

Kudos to the Traverse City Police Department for receiving the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies award. I was lucky enough to be part of the Citizens Police Academy this past spring; so I was witness first hand to the hard work, professionalism and dedication that everyone in that department shows on a daily basis.

I am so very proud of our city police, as all citizens of Traverse City should be.

Theresa L. Gardner
Traverse City

E. coli ruined my summer

Okay, "ruined” may be overstating the issue.

But as somebody who lives near downtown and goes swimming often at Clinch Park, I'm pretty fed up and disgruntled about the beach closings. Particularly when we aren't given the real reason for the problem.

Is it somehow related to the rain? Are the sewage plants to blame? Are the boats that anchor down there dumping their waste into the water as reported? Why doesn't somebody stop them? Furthermore, how do we know we can trust the health department's judgment of what "acceptable” levels of E. coli are? Swimming in feces doesn't seem acceptable at any level.

My biggest question: Why is this story being reported but not investigated? Here we have a man-made problem, which is closing the most beautiful and popular stretch of beach in the area. What's really going on here? These closings must be preventable. It almost has a conspiracy feel to it. As if we are supposed to simply accept this and assume the E. coli is somehow a natural occurrence.

Bottom line: Somebody is doing something they shouldn't be and they need to be stopped. I hope we hear more about this soon from our local news sources.

Eric Kurt
Traverse City

Nature is everyone's job

I am an 11-year-old boy who loves the outdoors. Me and my mom have volunteered for the Grand Traverse Conservation District because we believe in saving the land in our community and sharing it. We love to walk the trails of the reserve and see all the cool programs going on. My mom is helping with the wildflower rescue program, saving flowers that would be destroyed when land is developed.

The Conservation District has been raising money to build a nature center on the reserve. Finally, they've raised enough to have the ground-breaking ceremony in September. This is really important for our community. Schools will get to go out there and learn and have fun, and families can visit, relax and enjoy even if they don't live out in the country.

Best of all, the nature center will just get better with time. My mom grew up in a city that has a nature center. She says it was one of the most important things to her and it still is. I want to be able to say that about our nature center. Teachers, remember it's there and parents, let your kids share it with you.

Jonathon Shank

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